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We are the number one company for HVAC in Concord NC, and provide you with the best possible experience, prices, and satisfaction. We are aware that the unexpected can happen, so our 24-hour heating and air conditioning team is always ready to help you. If you are experiencing hot and cold spots in your home, notice collapsed ducts, or needing a better system for air flow, call Climate Expert LLC today!

What is a Duct System?

Homes with central heating and air systems have ducts that distribute the air throughout the home. The air duct is a pathway for heated and cooled air to travel. A duct that is properly designed and installed can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and safer. Most air ducts are out of sight, so cleaning them can easily be neglected. Since your air ducts work as a circulatory system for your home, cleaning them should be at the top of a home maintenance list. Climate Expert LLC has a team of 24-hour heating and air conditioning contractors that can help you with any duct work you may need.

Installing and Repairing a Duct System

If you’re in the process of building a new home, or if your current duct system is beyond repair, you can count on us to have an expert team for your air conditioning and heating installation services. We can completely replace your air duct system if your existing one has poor air circulation, or it’s just old and worn out. Sometimes poor circulation in your home can be caused by leaks. Our expert team for heating and air conditioning repair in Harrisburg NC can repair those leaks instead of completely replacing the system. Having a poor air duct system can result in high utility bills or a stuffy environment that can’t be controlled no matter what the thermostat is set on.

Duct Cleaning

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggests having your air duct cleaned every 4-7 years. If you notice your filters getting dirty quickly, you recently had a large remodel project, or someone in your home keeps getting sick, you might want to call our 24-hour heating and air conditioning team to clean your air ducts. You might be surprised that cleaning your air ducts can help the air flow in your home and lower your utility bill. Your HVAC system recirculates air around 5-7 times a day; that is a lot of dust and air pollutant s that are being pulled into your air ducts. Climate Expert LLC is dedicated to keeping your home healthy by providing the best services for HVAC in Concord NC. Contact us today to have our 24-hour heating and air conditioning service team clean the air ducts in your home and improve the performance of your HVAC system.

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Let Climate Expert LLC be your trusted HVAC company in Concord, NC. We offer the highest level of service and satisfaction in the industry. Our parts are backed by the manufacturer warranty, and HVAC services we perform are backed by a one year labor guarantee. Our HVAC contractors communicate with you to ensure that our performance exceeds your expectations at every step in the process.

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